Continuing Professional Development (CPD) enables CBVs and qualifying Students to advance the professional excellence expected of the CBV profession in a rapidly changing business world. That’s why ongoing CPD is a requirement of CBV Institute. Hiring a CBV means the public can expect a trusted valuation advisor who maintains the skills and knowledge to be prepared for today’s business challenges.

Choosing from a variety of CPD activities, CBVs and qualifying Students can enhance competencies in a specialized area or strengthen knowledge of a particular business focus or industry. Relevant CPD activities are available across increasingly diversified CBV practice areas. Flexibility allows CBVs to match CPD activities to specialized areas in which they work. These may be technical and practice related valuation subjects or highly specialized knowledge areas of business and industry.

CPD takes many different forms at CBV Institute, as we continuously evolve ways to support CBVs in staying up-to-date on new developments. A wealth of opportunities are offered, including live events, webinars, podcasts, in-person seminars, practice round tables, and much more. The signature event of the CPD program is the Business Valuation Congress, in June each year.

Mandatory CPD Policy

Details of the CPD requirement are set out in the Mandatory CPD Policy. CBV Institute verifies compliance with annual CPD requirements.

CPD requirements and the Mandatory CPD Policy apply to all CBVs. CPD requirements also apply to qualifying Students who have passed the MQE but have not yet obtained their CBV designation.

CPD Reporting

CPD hours are required and reported annually and on a triennial basis. Each year, CBVs and qualifying Students are required to submit the CPD Compliance Declaration, showing that the requirement of CPD hours, as set out in the Mandatory CPD Policy, has been met for the prior annual as well as prior three year period. The deadline for online submission of this declaration to CBV Institute is March 1st each year.

CBV Institute may request supporting documentation and records of CPD activities which have been declared and reported as completed.

CPD Audit Process

Every year, CBV Institute undertakes an audit of reported CPD activities, to ensure the requirements have been fulfilled appropriately. Results of these audits are published and available to all CBVs and Students.


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