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Hundreds of thousands of finance practitioners are active in the marketplace, playing an important role in many areas of business. We are business valuation specialists with an accreditation process so rigorous, whose standards are so high; there are a little more than 2000, in all the world.

This elite rarity is known as a CBV: a Chartered Business Valuator. CBVs have built upon years of high-level business education and practice by embracing additional years of challenging curricula, to acquire the coveted CBV designation.

CBV professionals are internationally recognized as having the judgement and analytical training necessary for such a wide range of valuation-based needs: all based on value measurement, value creation and value protection. CBVs are governed by CBV Institute, the unequivocal authority in business valuation for nearly half a century.

Here is what this means to you. When you retain a CBV professional, you’re getting the services of a trusted valuation advisor.

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CBV Expertise

When nothing else will do

CBVs are internationally recognized as having the training and judgement necessary to achieve value measurement, value creation and value protection. These valuation practices are applied to a range of valuation-based needs: dispute resolution, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, loss quantification, financial model development, risk analysis, value restoration, and more.

This unique expertise generates reliable conclusions leading to confident business decisions.

CBV Analysis is the merging of valuation theory with business facts.
Opportunity is identified through a multifaceted valuation lens. The result is a unique level of informed judgement.


CBV informed judgement

In the hands of a CBV, theory is a powerful thing

CBVs embrace the depth of valuation theory across multiple disciplines: valuation literature, economics, finance, appraisal, taxation, and more. This may include the estimation of economic values derived from judicial and other regulatory positions. CBVs take into account consensus views in justifying and supporting valuation positions.

Turns out, you are entitled to your own facts

Or at least, the most complete assessment of the facts. CBVs work to your specific needs. CBV Analysis considers industry and economic conditions: technology, growth, regulation, and more. It assesses business data, price-and-flow variables, and competitive information.

The analytical acuity and clarity you’ve longed for

CBVs cast the analytical net both wide and deep. Hidden currents are uncovered and hidden elements of value are unlocked. Nothing escapes note or notice. It is this investigative mindset that uncovers hidden business opportunities. CBV analytical acuity makes the numbers speak.

For valuation-based business decisions, look for a CBV.

And look no further.

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