The Program of Studies is the foundation to acquire advanced CBV skills and expertise. Leading valuation knowledge and critical intellectual skills prepare Students who will be be in-demand internationally as leaders at the top of the growing business valuation field. Curriculum evolves to stay at the forefront of business trends, keeping Students on the front line of business change.

  • Students typically complete CBV Institute’s proprietary Program of Studies in two years
  • Course exams are written at the end of each course, in either French or English
  • Courses are delivered online via the Moodle learning platform, hosted by York University, where Students can access course notes, a discussion forum, previous exams, suggested solutions, and other important information
  • All course materials are developed by CBV Institute, in conjunction with CBVs who are subject matter experts in their respective fields
  • The passing grade for all CBV Institute courses is 60%

The Program of Studies has four mandatory courses

Level I – Introductory Business Valuation Level II – Intermediate Business Valuation
Level III – Advanced Business Valuation
Level IV – Special Topics in Business Valuation
Mandatory courses should be completed in sequential order as each course builds on the one that precedes it.

Students are required to complete two of four elective courses

Litigation Support in Business Valuation
Corporate Finance
Valuation for Financial Reporting
Private Investments

All courses are offered in three terms per year

Winter term (January – April)
Summer term (May-August)
Fall term (September – December)