York University accepts payments via MasterCard and Visa.

Course and other fees listed do not include tax (where applicable).

2020 Course Fees

Regular Course Enrollment

$885 per course

  • Fee applies to those taking the course for the first time and to those who have failed and are re-taking the course.
  • Course fees cover the direct costs of providing the course, including course materials, course instructor, marker fees and exams (including online invigilation costs).


$530 per course

  • Fee to re-enroll for students who opt out of exam writing by the deadline.
  • In order to be eligible for the re-enrollment fee in a subsequent term, a Student must opt-out of writing the exam by the pre-described deadline the current term (see Calendar).

Exam Challenge

$530 per course

  • Fee for students who have taken the course at a University which has an agreement with CBV Institute

Course Exemption

$150 per course

Other 2020 Fees

Annual Student Fee

$265 per year

  • All Students are required to pay an Annual Student Fee
  • The Student fee is due/paid once per year in the same term in which you registered for your first course with CBV Institute

Cancellation Fee



  • Course fee refund must be requested within 48 hours of registering with York University
  • Refund request is made directly to York University. Please refer to the York University course registration email for information on how to initiate a refund.


  • 2020 MQE Fee: $1,370
  • MQE Overseas Surcharge: $200
    A surcharge is levied on overseas MQE Candidates (outside North America) to cover the associated additional cost of administering examinations

Membership Fees

  • 2020 Admission Fee: $595
  • 2020 Annual Membership Fee: $885
  • 2020 Conduct and Disciplinary Fee: $20


The T2202 is issued by York University. Login to the York University student portal with your CBV Institute username and password and select “Tax Receipts” option.

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