Membership Qualification Examination

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The MQE is written after completion of CBV Institute’s Program of Studies.

The MQE tests a candidate’s competency in content covered by the mandatory courses (i.e. Levels I, II, III and IV).  All content from these courses is testable on the MQE.


As was first communicated to Members and Students on May 6th, the 2020 MQE will be online for all candidates. Online examination, securely administered with remote proctoring, will ensure a consistent and reliable exam experience is available to everyone, regardless of location. The decision to move the MQE online follows our consultation with other institutions, universities, and colleges on the academic challenges created by the COVID-19 crisis. If for any reason a candidate already registered for the MQE does not wish to write online, a full refund will be provided without the usual administrative fee. The requirements to write online exams can be found here.

Examination Fee  

The examination fee for the 2020 MQE is $1,370.

As all MQE candidates will be writing their exams online, the $200 international student fee will not apply to the 2020 MQE. International MQE candidates who have already paid this fee will be refunded the $200. 

CBV Institute recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic has had financial repercussions on certain MQE candidates. As such, CBV Institute will extend to such individuals (i.e., whose personal or household income has been reduced due to COVID-19) the opportunity to defer the payment of 50% of their MQE fee until Friday September 18, 2020. All MQE candidates who wish to take advantage of this partial fee deferral are asked to carefully read and complete this form, and send to the Director of Education and Accreditation, at, by 5pm EST on Monday, June 15, 2020. Deferral requests will not be accepted or considered after this date. MQE candidates who have already paid their fees in full, but qualify for the partial fee deferral and wish to take advantage of this opportunity, may submit the above form to Christine Sawchuk ( and receive a 50% refund (to be repaid on Friday September 18, 2020).

Date of 2020 MQE

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 (4 hours duration)

Registration Open

February 24, 2020

Registration Deadline

Registrations to write the 2020 MQE will not be accepted after June 30, 2020, with the exception of those Students writing their last exam in the 2020 Summer Term

Qualification to Write MQE

CBV Institute’s Program of Studies must be completed before registering to write the MQE.

MQE Study Material

Available once a Student applies to write the MQE.

  • Automatic online access to prior MQEs and suggested solutions
  • Online access to current course notes for the four mandatory courses
  • Access is only for Student use for study purposes.

Competencies Areas Tested

  1. Value Terms and Principles
  2. Valuation Methods
  3. The Valuation or Litigation Support Assignment
  4. Professional Conduct
  5. Specific Issues Encountered in Valuation or Litigation Support Assignments
  6. The Law Relevant to Valuation and Litigation Support
  7. Taxation Issues Relevant to Valuation and Litigation Support
  8. Professional Competence Skills

View MQE competence framework for more details.


  • No refund will be made for cancellations after Friday September 4, 2020.
  • MQE registrations cancelled before Friday September 4, 2020, are eligible for a refund of the registration fee, less the retention of a cancellation fee of $175. 
  • MQE registrations cancelled after Friday September 4, 2020, are not eligible for refund, nor will fees be carried over to a subsequent year.

Accommodations for Disabilities

Please review our policy

Accommodations for Registered Students and MQE Candidates With Disability

Applications for such accommodations must be received by the Director of Education by May 31, 2020.

For further information, please contact:
Director of Education and Accreditation

MQE Process

  • CBV Institute’s Board of Examiners oversees development of the MQE. 
  • MQE questions are developed by CBVs to meet assessment requirements outlined in the Membership Qualification Examination Competence Framework.
  • MQE question papers are available in French and English. Candidates may respond using either language.
  • Examination Centers are administered by York University, and their designates.
  • To maintain anonymity during the marking process, the only identification candidates may use is their assigned candidate number. Candidate numbers will be issued by the Institute in advance of the MQE.
  • Examinations are marked by CBVs.
  • A minimum mark of 60% is required to pass the MQE.
  • CBV Institute’s Board of Examiners approves the MQE results.
  • By late November or early December, candidates are notified when marks will be available.  
  • A candidate’s MQE marks will be posted in the “Marks” section of the Student profile on

2020 MQE- Examination Rules 

MQE Examination Rules

MQE Appeals 

Candidates who are not successful on the MQE may request an appeal of their examination results within 30 days of receiving their mark.

Please see Membership Qualification Examination Appeal Process 

Academic Honesty

CBV Institute’s Academic Honesty Policy

CBV Institute’s Examination Rules Policy

York University’s Academic Honesty Policy

Number of MQE Attempts

Important changes have been made to the Administration of the MQE policy. Click here to read the updated policy.

For further information, please contact:

Isabel Natale
Registrar & Manager of Education

You do not currently meet the requirements for MQE. See above for requirements.

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