CBV Institute COVID-19 Updates


We continue to monitor the COVID-19 global health emergency and are closely following guidelines from the World Health Organization, governments and public health officials. CBV Institute’s top priority is the health and well-being of staff, stakeholders and the general community.

Below you will find the latest information on the steps we are taking and other matters of interest to CBVs and Students. As this is a rapidly changing situation, further updates will be provided as developments unfold.

Should you have questions or concerns regarding Institute services or our COVID-19 response, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mary Jane Andrews, President & CEO (maryjane.andrews@cbvinstitute.com); Bob Boulton, EVP & COO (robert.boulton@cbvinstitute.com); or any member of the CBV Institute team.


As the COVID-19 situation evolves day-to-day and business activity slows or stops, CBV Institute is here to support CBVs, Students and all our stakeholders as best we can. We are all impacted by the severity of this situation as we face each day with increased uncertainty. The impact on human health and economic fallout is unprecedented as the world struggles to manage this global crisis. The most important thing right now is to be safe, stay informed and be mindful of the anxieties created by the ongoing disruption not only to our work environments, but to our lives.  We are making every effort to keep you updated on the impact to the CBV profession and CBV Institute, and we know you are inundated with communications from all sources. To that end, we have centralized all relevant updates and communications into a single CBV Institute COVID-19 news item, accessed from the home page of cbvinstitute.com.

There will be direct and immediate impacts on the work of conducting valuations. Read more here…


CBV Institute’s top priority is the health and well-being of staff, stakeholders and the general community. In this regard we have decided, in an abundance of caution, to cancel CBV Congress 2020, scheduled for June.

For Members and Students who have registered already, we will soon be reimbursing registration fees paid. If you have made travel/accommodation bookings, you are reminded to contact the airline or hotel to discuss cancellation.

In the coming months CBV Institute will be working to adapt planned Congress sessions into webinars which will be made available for CPD. More information and details will follow in CBV News.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this process.

If you have any immediate questions please contact Deborah Hanlon - deborah.hanlon@cbvinstitute.com.


In these challenging days, we at the Institute are mindful of the anxieties created by the unprecedented disruption to our Members’ and Students’ lives. All of us are feeling the effects of a rapidly changing situation, some of us more than others, and we each adapt differently. To that end, we are sharing these available resources for mental health and well-being which can lend support to you or to someone you know. 


Institute staff are working from home until further notice. CBV Institute is fully functioning remotely. We anticipate limited disruption to day-to-day Institute operations with the technology platforms currently in place. Your co-operation is appreciated as we aim to operate as usual during these difficult times.


The Program of Studies is a self-directed study program that is offered entirely online. Course exams in the Program of Studies, written online under the monitoring of online proctors, will continue.

The CBV Institute Program Office at York University (cicbv@yorku.ca) will be managed offsite over the next few weeks and will still be available for student enquiries as always.

We do not anticipate delays with respect to the Winter 2020 exam results and registration for the Spring/Summer 2020 term will open on schedule April 17th. The 2020 MQE will be written on September 30th as scheduled. At this time, we do not anticipate that the MQE writing format will change, but we will adapt as necessary.

For questions or concerns about the Program of Studies or MQE, please feel free to contact Christine Sawchuk, Director of Education and Accreditation, at christine.sawchuk@cbvinstitute.com.

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