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Join facilitator Dwayne Pyper, in this  continuation of the quarterly series of open forum webinars which provides an opportunity for discussion and collaboration on matters of mutual interest to CBVs.  The topics discussed can come from all aspects of your professional life, addressing varied issues affecting you in your daily practice.  The facilitator will assist the participants in a discussion of areas of common interest, based on suggestions provided by the participants prior to the forum, as well as matters brought to the CICBV’s attention as of late such as:

  • Outstanding questions and discussion points stemming from October 12 webinar on Family Law issues with respect to Income for Support reports
  • CPA Guidance released October 26 with respect to independence standards and impact it will have on firms with mixed assurance and valuation practices.
  • What is approach to normalizing payroll for shareholders and related parties and where to find useful data?
  • How to review the balance sheet and identify redundant assets? Is borrowing capacity a redundant asset? Should land and building owned by an operating company be treated as redundant assets and notional rent expense be added as expense? Where to find ratios to evaluate a balance sheet?

The information, analysis and opinions expressed in the webinars, podcasts and/or congress presentations are solely those of the presenter/author, are not reviewed by the Institute as to content or accuracy, and are not endorsed by CBV Institute or any of its Members.

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