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Brands are perhaps the most recognizable of any intangible asset, and the surest signal of a firm’s identity. They carry legal protections as well as value. Yet knowing how to quantify the latter in view of the former can be a perplexing challenge to even the most experienced business and asset appraiser. In this webinar, expert appraiser Mike Pellegrino joins BVR to discuss how brands create and retain value, and what appraisers should know when quantifying the value of such an intangible asset.
• What are brands?
o Typical legal protections
o Advantages of brands
o Disadvantages of brands
o Brand strength
• How does a brand create value?
o Primary value sources
o Measuring brand value
• Overview of brand valuation
o General methods
o Usage context
o Economic life considerations
o Accounting for brand valuation risks
• Due diligence procedures
o Verifying mark history
o Verifying registration
o Verifying trademark status
• Dispelling common brand valuation myths
Learning Objectives
• Learn what constitutes a brand and what legal protections brands carry
• Understand how brands create value
• Learn how to value a brand
• Learn what to watch for when valuing a brand

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