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(originally presented at the January 17, 2020 Montreal Workshop)

Complex capital structures are becoming more and more prevalent in the private sector, and thus, it is imperative to know this component of valuation to stay ahead of the curve. The following is a synopsis of the topics that will be addressed:

  • Simple vs Complex Structure at a Glance
  • Typical Preferred features
    •  Economic vs. noneconomic
  • Four methods of Allocation:
    • Current Value Method (CVM)
      • Pros/Cons
    • Scenario Based Methods
      • Simplified Scenario (fully-diluted)
      • Relative Value
      • Full Scenario – Probability Weighted Expected Return Method (PWERM)
      • Pros/Cons
    • Option Pricing Model (OPM)
      • Call options on Equity and Enterprise Value
      • Payoff/Breakpoints
      • Pros/Cons
    • Hybrid Method
      • Pros/Cons
  • Debt Securities
  • Selecting a Method
  • Market Rules of Thumb

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