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The Toronto Young Valuators’ Group invites all young valuators and the “young at heart” to join us for a high-energy, much-awaited social and networking event on Thursday December 4, 2014 at P.J. O’Brien Irish Pub in Toronto.   We have reserved the exclusive Upstairs Fireplace Lounge area just for this event.  You will want to attend if you answered yes to any of the following questions:

  • You are a young valuator or perennially young at heart, and enjoy connecting or reconnecting with fellow valuators.
  • You or someone you know and/or work with has recently passed the 2014 Membership Qualification Exam and need to celebrate in proper CBV style.
  • You want to find out about various practice areas that CBVs are involved in.
  • You have been working way too hard during 2014, and deserve to have a good time/treat yourself/fight for the right to party.
  • It’s a Thursday night, and you want to have a far more meaningful social experience as compared to at all those other Thursday night places you frequent.
  • It’s December and you are looking forward to the holidays.
  • You want to find out more about the CICBV, or how you can get more involved as a young valuator in the CICBV.

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Please contact us for questions about this event.

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