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Chris Nobes and Kevin Tremblay bring a wealth of experience to this presentation from both recent valuation and transaction experience.  They will cover recent trends in transaction multiples across a broad range of key industry sectors.  They will also discuss deal terms that are common in the mid-market (i.e. transactions where the acquired company is less than $100 million).  An overriding theme of this presentation is to highlight the dangers and pitfalls of relying too heaving on transaction multiples when notionally ascribing value to the shares of company.  Notional market opinions of value are rendered on the assumption of a cash equivalent price, while most deals in the mid-market are structured with terms (i.e. vendors take-back, earn-outs etc.).  Understanding how to bridge the gap between a deal price with terms and a cash equivalent opinion of value is critical for Chartered Business Valuators.

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