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The CICBV is pleased to present a webinar on the power of personal branding, featuring Karen Wensley, MBA, Corporate director, author and consultant.

We can all think of people we work with who have a great personal brand.  Colleagues want to work with him.  Clients insist on hiring her.  He is in demand as a mentor.  She is the first to be asked to head up a new project or pursue a new opportunity.  But we rarely think about how their brand became so strong, and so well recognized, especially compared to the many equally talented people who toil quietly in the shadows.

Great brands don’t just happen.  They take focus, planning and hard work.  This presentation will go through the steps needed to develop a strong personal brand.  How do you know what your strengths are, and how do you leverage them to create value?  What is your brand today, and how can you improve it?  What are the best ways to build brand recognition and loyalty, ie build your network and deepen your relationships?  Where can you go to get help?

Whether you are early in your career and ready to start building your brand, or further along in your career and trying to enhance your brand or bring it up to date, this webinar will give you practical steps to get started and build your plan.

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