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Measurement of Cost of Capital: Insights from Academic ResearchCan’t make it to Toronto October 27-29 to attend the 2014 ASA-CICBV Business Valuation Conference, sign up to view key sessions via livestreaming from the comfort of your office or home.

Sessions include:
Monday Oct 27

  • Keynote – Mastering Our Craft: Using Insights from the Trenches to Shape the Future of Valuation Practice (John K. Paglia)
  • Keynote – Global Political Risk Expert (Ian Bremmer)
  • Valuation Hot Topics in a Dispute Setting  (David J. Margules, Lawrence A. Hamermesh, Roger Grabowski, Shannon Pratt, Justice Donald Bowman)
  • Technology Company Valuation Drivers and Trends (Dan Knappenberger, Duncan Stewart, Sid Paquette)
  • Deferred Revenue: Accountants Meet Appraisers (Amy Ripepi, Raymond Rath)
  • Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Discounts (DLOC, DLOM, DLOL)! (Eric W. Nath)

Tuesday Oct 28

  • State of the Union Address from CICBV & ASA BV Chair (Rob Doran, Bob Morrison)
  • Price and Value: Determinants, Divergence and Convergence (Aswath Damodaran)
  • Fairness Opinions as Magic Pieces of Paper (Steven Davidoff Solomon)
  • Volatility: A Practitioner’s Overview for Options, Warrants, OPMs and Contingent Consideration (Summer Parrish, Dwight Grant)
  • Resolving Valuation Disputes with Tax Authorities (Bill Stamatis, Phil Fortier, Michael Gregory)
  • Less Familiar Applications of Option Pricing Methodology: 1) Contingent Consideration and 2) Valuation of Options Embedded in Tranche Financing and of Early Stage Capital Structures where Outcomes are Not Lognormally Distributed (Dwight Grant)

Wednesday Oct 29

  • IIBV Update (Michael Badham)
  • Market Risk Premium and Risk Free Rate used in 51 countries in 2013: a survey with 6,237 answers (Dr. Pablo Lopez Fernandez)
  • Measurement of Cost of Capital: Insights from Academic Research (Dr. Partha Mohanram)
  • Business Value Stability Across Stock Market Corrections – an Update (William F. Pittock)

The information, analysis and opinions expressed in the webinars, podcasts and/or congress presentations are solely those of the presenter/author, are not reviewed by the Institute as to content or accuracy, and are not endorsed by CBV Institute or any of its Members.

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