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Learn to develop an integrated monthly and annual financial model in an interactive, step-by‐step and hands on introductory course that is designed for all financial professionals. After completing the course, students will be equipped with the skills necessary to build a financial model on their own as well as a template for future projects. The course places particular emphasis on:

• Building an integrated financial model for a mid-sized private business;
• Conducting financial analysis to determine the right choices for assumptions;
• Understanding the accounting necessary to construct a financial model;
• Constructing supporting debt, asset, working capital and tax schedules;
• Understanding interest rate circularity and how to ensure that the balance sheet balances;
• Testing the financial model for errors and tricks for diagnosing the source of errors;
• Learning modelling best practices and Excel shortcuts that save time;
• Conducting sensitivity analysis on assumptions such as growth, gross margin, exchange rate, and working capital turnover; and
• Demonstrating how the financial model may be used as a decision making tool, including for such uses as discounted cash flow valuations, raising capital or bank reporting.

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