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The Collaborative Process is an effective alternative to traditional adversarial divorce. With Collaborative Divorce, the parties agree from the start that they will:

  • Not go to court, or even threaten to go to court
  • Communicate with honesty and respect
  • Make a sincere effort to understand each other’s needs and concerns
  • Promptly disclose all relevant information
  • Work together towards an agreement that’s in everyone’s best interests

Collaborative Divorce gives the parties a positive way forward. It is a proven process for moving the parties past conflict to resolution. Even if there’s a lot of anger and the parties have tried other ways to reach resolution (such as court or mediation), the Collaborative Process can help the parties reach agreement. Collaborative Divorce gives the parties the legal, financial and emotional support to make sound decisions and move on with their lives.

 Join Jon Lazar, Partner at Watson Goelpel, as he aims to provide insights on the Collaborative Divorce Process, how it differs from a court-based divorce and whether the collaborative divorce process is right for your clients.

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